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Mentoring community for those looking to change their careers to UX/UI or Product design.

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Hey there Rockstar!

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I am guessing you are here because...

You have the desire to make a HUGE impact and have already invested an TON in yourself. 
But you’re feeling stressed the F**K 🤯 out by where to start and how to get on the road you see for yourself. You know deep down that you are meant to be in this industry and just need that chance, but no one is listening…and you are tired of feeling alone. 

You’ve watched so many YouTube videos to count (maybe even mine)… 
You’ve listened to just as many Podcasts and followed all the industry leads on LinkedIn.
But you just don’t know how to implement everything you’re hearing…you just can’t seem to get it right. And, you’re starting to think… Maybe I just don’t have what it takes.

Sound familar?

Registration is open

Well, First…
Let me tell youyou have what it takes.
heck yes it’s possible for you!

Look, there is no denying that changing a career is TOUGH. I get it. I really do. I have been where you are!

But, deep down you know you are capable of making all of this a reality. If you are willing to put in the work and believe in yourself, you will create success.


The career change

A Monthly Membership For Career-Changing Badasses…(Like You)

Registration is open

A platform that teaches you strategies, tools, and tips you need to land your first job into UX/UI/Product design…NO FLUFF...I promise.

But more than that, it is a community.

A safe space for you to find support when you are feeling down. A hype community to celebrate your wins. A tough-love team to help push you past your fears. A place to make friends and career besties. A sounding board to coach you through all your hurdles and iterations.
A group of accountability buddies to get your butt KICKED into action, daily a HUGE impact and have already invested an TON in yourself. 

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1x Monthly MasterClass

covering topics like mindset, Linkedin, portfolios…and anything else that helps you start your career.
Plus new blogs that otherwise are paywalled on Medium.

1x Monthly Live Q + A

To get more clarity on at-this-time questions

1x Monthly Challenge

Recorded and stored on our easy to use dashboard for you to reference as many times as you’d like along your journey.

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Yearly membership includes the guided mini course.

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